Przezaczone for all skin types. Especially recommended for demanding skin nutrition and regeneration. Thanks to panthenol, vitamins A, E, PP and linoleic acid regulate exfoliation, give skin radiance, skin, enhance, improve flexibility and protect the skin against adverse external factors.
Active ingredients:
panthenol, provitamin B5. Vitamin B is found in every living cell of the skin and hair. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, accelerates regeneration of the epidermis. It gives the skin feeling smooth. It is a component of the healing effect, moisturizing and soothing irritation. Easily penetrates into the skin, reduces water loss through the epidermis and effectively moisturizes the skin, giving it softness and flexibility. Helpful in healing wounds and minor skin injuries and the treatment of scars.
vitamin PP / B3 improves blood circulation, stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts mature, reduces fine wrinkles, firms the skin damaged by UV radiation. It is a potent antioxidant, prevents photoaging process. Niacinamide rebuilds a natural protective barrier by increasing the synthesis of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids in the intercellular space, increases moisture and nourishes the skin. Reduces discoloration, exhibits anti-acne.
Vitamin E antioxidant activity, inhibit the skin aging processes and free radical oxidation of lipids in the epidermis and dermis. Rebuilds the natural epidermal barrier and effectively prevents irritation. It prevents inflammation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves blood circulation.
Linoleic acid
Linoleic acid, omega-6 is one of the essential fatty acids (EFAs). Normalizes the process of keratinisation, reduced discoloration. It is responsible for the correct hydration of the skin and its regeneration processes, is a component of the intercellular cement of the stratum corneum.
 Mangifera Indica Fruit (Mango) Extract Extract mangoes has softening and protective. Moisturizes and conditions. It is a great antioxidant.
Retinyl palmitate
Retinol - basic form of vitamin A. It rejuvenates the skin, firms, brightens and regenerates the skin. Improves skin tone, brightens it removes blemishes and softens. Firms living layer of the skin, strengthens collagen fibers, making its elasticity is restored.
The ampoules are intended for treatment using the Dermaroller to sonoforesis, ultrasound, needle-free mesotherapy and applying topically in home care. 
Apply to cleansed face and neck.

Vitamin Cocktail Ampoules


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